Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Me and my girls!

I took the first picture (below left) when I was in Lesotho with my dad in 2009. Now in 2012 I took the same picture with the same girls, Kamohelo and Katleho! Kamohelo (Welcome) is the daughter of the Elder's Quorum President at the church, while Katleho (Success) is the daughter of the Branch President.

2009 Kamo, Me, Katly
2012 Kamo, Me, Katly

Katleho (6) and Masokhoane (2) are the daughters of the Moorosi family.  They are very different in personality.  Katly is quiet and serious.  She loves to play and have fun, but she is also very quick and observant.  Khoane is very loud and talkative.  She seems oblivious to everything around her at times.  One of her favorite pastimes is to get too close to the heater so that mommy or daddy have to grab her before she catches on fire!  They are really fun girls and I like being their "big brother."

Katleho and Masokhoane at church.  Katly is wearing my suit coat.

Khoane loves the ceiling!

Sometimes Khoane just cries.  No one knows why.

Katly and Naleli in front of the house

Here are some pics of the expansion of the Moorosi's house.  They added the garage and a bedroom.  I will be using the bedroom until I return home, after which the room will be for the girls.  In the past they have had just three rooms--a kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Putting on the roof!

There are bricks, metal, and cement debris everywhere!

The new garage

This is inside the house! This will soon be "my" room.


  1. Hello Jeremy
    Thank you for the information about Lesotho.
    I on the site of old information from 2002, but that's about all countries, because it will ask way too much research!
    You know I'm a person just like you! just a blogger! who made ​​this site by not thinking he would be the proportion. And it takes a long time
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    But it's good to see the country, such as Buthan want to make themselves known in the eyes of the World
    I apologize for my English, I'm French
    I know a little africa, where I work! Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, Niger, Mali, in the field of Mining Research
    I wish you a pleasant day
    I send you some sunshine from France? Sun at this time, and 34 ° c

  2. Jeremy, you're having interesting and amazing experiences, sweet son of mine. I'm so glad that you've always had the personality to get along with anyone and everyone. The people there in Lesotho must be so impressed that you want to be there among them, learning from them, teaching them and serving them. They are blessed by your presence, as you are by theirs. Love you and miss you, honey heart! ~Mom

  3. THX for sharing!You're the best! I guess Kath told you that her friend will be in Joburg MTC in Oct going to Durban Mis. He's also in the UT Nat'l Guard. His name is Chris Turner. I'll keep praying for you. Loved the pics of your 2 little sisters growing up. CUTE. xo