Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Best Date Ever

I was thinking about this for a little while.  If I had unlimited time and resources (both in planning and executing) a dream date, I think I could come up with a pretty good one.  In my estimation, the best date would be an all-day date with the girl of my dreams (the most important item in the best date has to be the individual you are with--it can’t be the best date with someone you don’t want to go out with!).  I know that some people are huge opponents of all-day dates, and I understand why, but all the complaints I have heard were basically because the complainer (always a girl in my experience) was either on a date with a guy they didn't like, or they liked the guy just fine, but weren't informed of the duration of the date or the activities they'd be doing (“Okay! It's only 1 am.  You're still in your high heels, right? Okay, let's hike the Y!”).  If it wasn't for those unfortunate circumstances, I don't think anyone would mind an all-day date with someone.  I mean, if you mutually like each other, and the date is well planned and communicated, all-day dates are awesome!

Now the best date would allow for three things: 

(1) A fun, memorable activity, 
(2) Time for communication and soul-sharing, and 
(3) An opportunity to cuddle and relax.  

This would be the best format, and with the best girl, it would be the best date.  I’ll give an example of a date following this format, though I think that depending on the individuals you would have to swap out some specific activities to have the best date.  

Example: Start at 3 am with a drive to the airport.  Get on a small plane, preferably flown by a friend, with all of your snowboarding gear.  Have said friend fly you to the top of a nearby mountain.  Jump off the plane with your date right at sunriseRelease your parachute when you land, and snowboard down the mountain.  Have a Grand Slam and pitcher of hot chocolate waiting for you at the bottom of the mountain, inside of a limousine.  Eat and talk while your chauffeur drives you to your next activity location.  Make it a long drive (3-4 hours).  Depending on your desires, eat while soaking in the limo’s hot tub (Your swim suits were also waiting for you in the limo, obviously. Alternatively, you can eat first and then soak).  Talk about your skydiving and mountain snowboarding experience, talk about your future, decide on your kids names, talk about money matters, talk about love languages, read poetry and limericks, etc.  Arrive at your next location (preferably lava tubes or a long, extensive cave with many offshoots).  Put on your jackets and headlamps, strap on your harnesses, grab your rope, and explore.  3+ hours.  Next, get airlifted (by helicopter, preferably an Apache) and taken to another location (again, it could be anywhere, but perhaps a resort in Colorado or a beach in California).  Take turns flying, and test fire the turrets and missiles.  When you arrive, dismount the chopper by repelling upside-down.  Have a candlelight meal on the beach (or at the resort).  The meal should be catered and served by servers with impeccable taste and a French accent.  Much bowing would not be amiss.  After eating, take a walk and swap childhood stories.  Tell her how beautiful she is.  Tell her why you love her and why you couldn't live with out her.  Tell her this because you mean it and you wouldn't ever say it unless you knew she was the one.  Tell her that none of the activities of the day (fun as they were) matters to you.  Only her happiness matters.  Sit back and watch the sun set.  Go to your previously-designated (and rented-out) movie theatre and watch a movie you both love (or one that only she loves).  Hopefully they have a LoveSac the size of Montana.  Cuddle and whisper to each other.  Laugh during the funny parts. Watch each other more than the movie.  Fall asleep in each other’s arms.  BEST. DATE. EVER. (You can disagree with me, but you'll be wrong).

For those of you that are more visually oriented, I have provided a visual play-by-play.  Enjoy:

Activity 1: Snowboarding, but starting in the air.
Don't forget your parachute!
I gotta try this!
Grand slam waiting for you.  Alright, breakfast!

Oh yeah, and breakfast is in a hot tub, in this bad boy.
This is also an opportunity to do some communication/soul sharing.
Activity 2: Spelunking!

Apache! A necessity in every date.
Basically, if you have to get from place to place, do it in style
(or with enough firepower to destroy anyone that has more style).

Candlelight (torchlight?) dinner on the beach!
Another opportunity for communication/soul sharing.

LoveSac for movie viewing.  It IS the size of Montana!  Actually substantially larger...
This is when you cuddle and relax after a long day's work.

The End.


  1. Jeremy, you DO have the imagination! Love, Mom

  2. "Hopefully they have a LoveSac the size of Montana." Hahaha! I hope you get to have a date as good or better than this someday. And the visuals were great!

  3. That does sound like the best date ever! You have some really great ideas!!! I know of a best date ever for those on a budget! Visuals just added to it :)!

  4. That sounds soooo awesome!! That would be one lucky lady!

  5. Awesome. I feel like you'd have to propose right there on the spot because anything else you ever do won't match the high standard of awesomeness you just set... and if you hear of any Apache rentals (especially ones that allow the weapons testing) in Provo, do let me know, please

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  7. I especially liked it: 'Jeremy, you DO have the imagination! Love, Mom

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