Monday, October 17, 2011

purple tape and like stickers

we had a housewarming party at our house on oct 14th, which was really fun. the theme for our party was 'facebook in real life.' Here is a photo album from the event.

we had a lot of people come by, and it was a lot of fun. i even had a good time, though i don't generally enjoy parties very much. also i was pleased with the many clever things that were either planned by the committee or created by our partygoers. Here were some of the better ideas:

1) everyone had a white t-shirt that was their wall, with name, relationship status, comments, likes, etc.
2) pin the 'like' sticker on the mark zuckerburg
3) throwing darts at a google+ logo
4) happy birthday wall posts irl w/Erin Wright
5) relationship requests and drama
6) poking irl with a foam hand
7) facebook 'layout changes' where everyone had to turn their shirts around
8) mark zuckerburg masks
9) dance party
10) smores

here are a few of my favorite pics from the event:

i don't know if they really hate google+, or if they really like knives

this really creepy mask was a big hit.
my favorite: staring contests while wearing the mark mask


dance party in the back! i think this was a line dance...

everyone was issued 'like' stickers when they arrived and were encouraged to 'like' comments, statuses, and photos. people also 'liked' the fridge, our cutlery, my iPod, our doorbell, my forehead, and all over mark zuckerburg:

i don't know where we were supposed to put the like stickers,
but he got them all over his body...

we also got attacked by the color purple. in addition to the ubiquitous 'like' stickers, our house was purplified by Carissa Mills. i keep finding new pieces of purple tape as time goes on. just this morning, i saw that there is a piece of it on the front door handle. i must have walked through that door 20 times since friday, but i never saw it until today. thank you carissa . . .


  1. sounds like that was a fun party! next time invite me! ;)